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Lorenzo Invernici photographer and videomaker currently based in Italy. Shooting with red cameras for clients such as Fedez, Benji & Fede, Marnik, Rovazzi, Gianluca Vacchi, Sony Music Italy, Ultra music, Universal Music and many others.
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I’m Lorenzo, cinematographer and photographer born and raised in Italy.

I have a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia and i’ve literally grown with the camera in my hands. My dad used to be a nature & wildlife photographer and taught me the fundamentals of photography.  My first camera has been a Yashika point and shoot, but when i was with my dad he borrowed me a Nikon FE, usually with a 35mm or a telephoto lens. I hated going out in the wild shooting deer and mountain goats but I learned a lot using a film camera and color slides film.

Flash forward to when I went to the Art School where I studied Graphic Design and Multimedia. One of the main courses was digital photography with the mentor Simone Nervi and that’s where I got passionate about portraits and studio lighting. The interest in videos and cinematography has been a natural evolution for me and now is the thing I love to do the most.
Music videos and music after movies are the fields where I found myself working with the best results, but I’m also into travel and documentary.

I’ve recently directed “Benji & Fede – Moscow Mule” video clip alongside with Matilde Composta (from the production company Borotalco TV) and “Marnik feat. Rookies – Burn” which are my favorite projects so far.
I also had the chance to be a part of Fedez and J-Ax Comunisti con Rolex tour, filming the concerts in order to create high-quality content for the aftermovies. It’s been incredible being on stage with them in front of thousands of people.

I’ve also toured with some of the best electronic music artists such as Marnik, Merk & Kremont that took me to some incredible places around the world.
Rovazzi and Gianluca Vacchi are also two big names that I’ve worked with, and I’ve been able to appreciate the genius inside both of them.

My goal for the future is to keep doing what I’m doing, always trying to have fun and discover new things, new people and new places.

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