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08 Nov Luca Zizioli

Some days ago i got the chance to shoot some portraits with my friend Luca, who is also a good businessman and he do really well in public relations.
We want this shoot to be dark, dramatic and we choose an old gangster outfit to match the mood. With this in mind i choose a 70cm Deep Octa as my main light, on the left of the subject just out of the frame. I’ve feathered it just a bit, so only the soft-side part of the octa would hit my subject, giving this dramatic shadows on his face.
On the opposite side i’ve used a white reflector panel, to open the shadows just a bit.

We’ve also decided to shoot this on a warm grey background, getting a nice earth-tones palette over the whole image.

That’s all. Luca did a great job with posing and with face expressions, after a coupe of shots he begun to feel like an old New York Gangster.




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